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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 13, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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you don't know what i'm talking about unless you know what invidious means. please look it up. thanks for watching us tonight. always remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. tonight, some gop ib sinsid say the republican majority in the house could be in jeopardy, but our political experts are here to laying out the plan for maintaining majority in 2014. >> we need to have questions answered and people need to be held accountable. >> not everyone's laughing. but should he face a lifetime ban for this act. or is this another example of the left wing double standard. the controversy in california that allows
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transgender students to choose which bathroom theyen watt to use. >> i did an embarrassing thing that hurt my family. >> all that and my exclusive interview with anthony weiner's former mistress. hannity starts right here, right now. the disaster known as obama care continues to unravel as the health care overhaul continues to be delayed. for the very first time, we are hearing from some republican insiders that the gop majority in the house of representatives could be in jeopardy come 2014. that is unless the party rolls out an aggressive plan to save america. now, according to byron, new york of the washington examiner, behind the scenes, some republicans are now worried that keeping the house is not such a done deal after all. so how can that upset be avoided? republican candidates don't need to tell voters what bads job the
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president is doing, they already know that. what gop candidates need to do, is convince voters they would do a better job 2457b the democrats. i couldn't agree any more. in my opinion, that task begins with one thing. defunding obama care. because today alone, there are two brand new pieces of evidence proving this law is nothing more than a legislative train wreck, it's not ready for prime time. now, first, we are learning that the president has delayed yet another very costly provision of his health care overhaul for one year. this one deals with placing caps on out of pocket insurance costs. but his unilateral decision to alter this law that was passed by congress is raising serious constitutional questions. let's watch. >> the president doesn't get to write legislation. it's illegal and unconstitutional for him to try to change legislation by himself. if he says to you, you're a political contributor of mine, and i know obama care's going to be hard on you, that's not
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legal. >> in addition to this apparent unconstitutional and illegal delay. senator rand paul was talking about the administration's decision to exempt many federal employees from obama care. you heard me right. that government, those officials at the white house and other agencies that are tasked with implementing this law will be able to keep their current plan. this is exactly the type of bureaucratic hypocrisy that republican candidates need to expose come 2014. if they're able to do that, not only is the house safe, the senate is in play for the gop. joining me no to help examine the future of both parties and react to these latest obama care developments. we have austin goolsby and david limbaugh. austin, isn't it just morally wrong that these guys exempt
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themselves from the very laws and burdens they're placing on the rest of us? isn't that wrong? >> in general, yeah, i'm very skeptical of that. but i -- in this case, i think -- >> i think you're leaving out one major part, which is in the normal obama care, people would qualify for subsidies who go into the exchanges. but the people working in congress would not qualify for the tax credits. they are in a were were in a totally different circumstance than people in the normal situation. >> for me, not for thee. >> i partially disagree with byron, who i have a lot of respect for we never take for granted a congressional victory. all seats are up. we can never take them for granted. we need not to coast but to go in aggressively and campaign and give voters a choice. more importantly, i disagree
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with his point that voters are aware of obama's failed record. my brother rush talks about t s obama tieing himself to these disastrous policies that are destroying the country. we either have to make a negative case or a positive. of course i give a positive case, a progrowth plan. defunding obama care and presenting an alternative. >> first there was the delay of obama care's medicare cuts. then there was the employer mandate delay. now we have this new development i spoke of. you're the lawyer, can the president just unilaterally decide to change the law of the land. >> the contempt he's shown for the constitution and rule of law is appalling in so many areas. on this obama care, it's frightening. there's been seven different delays.
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remember the thousands of waivers? remember the employer mandate that he exempted and he delayed and he did not delay the employee mandate zrim in a tore illy. that's got to be unconstitutional. he doesn't have the authority to do it. mr. goolsbee, i wish you would condemn president obama -- he has no authority to change a law that congress passed and he signed. >> well, he has no authority to change a law. but with -- if the law gives the administration authority to the administration for the law. they do have the right to administer it however the law sees fit. there has been other than on this program, there has been a serious legal challenge of the constitutionality of the administrative changes there. all they're talking about is a delay -- >> so that the insurance companies can get their computer systems sufficient so that they can add up what all the out of
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pocket costs are -- >> did you guys even care, a bunch of academic pointy heads sitting around their tables devising this law? did you have any idea what it would do? you didn't. they have no idea. no fundamental understanding of what that law contained, they still don't. they're finding out, and it's being imposed on the american people. except that obama says he won't impose it. >> i don't agree with that. i don't agree with that. >> i want to ask you this question. >> okay. and i'm not tag teaming david here, i want an answer to this. >> this law has a specific law. with very specific dates in it, tell me how the president can unilaterally pick and choose what parts of the law he's going do uphold. he doesn't have the right to do that without going back to congress, austin. >> i'm not a lawyer. david is a lawyer, i'm not going to weigh-in on what the
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legality -- i know that the administration of laws, when there are administrative delays or if the parties that you're trying to require to do something are not able to comply with the law, that there is room -- complainings in the -- >> you're making this up as you go, that's not the way the laws in this country work, david? >> he can't selectively enforce or not enforce this law. the public has a right to -- >> look, the -- >> what? >> the argument that the waivers you're talking about were politically based is completely bogus, it's not true at all. the waiver of the employer mandate for one year is so that the employers are able to get their computer systems set so that they can -- >> that's just a smoke screen. it's to buy off their opposition until the 2014 election, which is what he's doing with congress. exempting them from 5,000 for staff members, $11,000.
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this is real money they don't have to pay, and these are the people, the wretches who pass this bill. the very people who passed it are exempting themselves, one year, this is big money. $11,000. >> i respect david's passion on this. remember, the people that were working in congress, the staffers were not eligible for the tax credits that everybody else who goes into the exchange is eligible for. they weren't in the same situation that everyone else was, even to the beginning. they were greatly disadvantaged. >> i want to go back to the legal side of this, we're talking about the wheres in 2014, where's the legal challenge. that needs to come up. >> mr. levin is pointed out in his new book, we can't trust the supreme court to even overrule obama care in the big picture. we've got to try. of course we do. but in the meantime, we've got to try to defund it, and i say to these establishment people who are always cautioning
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restraint waiting for the next election, we have got to start fighting. we have got to start inspiring the conservative grassroots to get out there and show them we stand for something. and even if we fail in this obama care defunding, we give them a us. >> austan, we'll give you the last word. >> sounds like the recontract with america. i'm all for it. >> condemn what president obama did please. on this unilateral implementation, will you condemn it? >> no, i will not condemn it, i told you, i think it's just an administrative delay. >> it's real money. you have semantics. >> good to see you both. rodeo clown who was pictured wearing a mask that looked like president obama has been banned from future bull riding competitions in the state of missouri. we're going to explain what he did, examine the left wing double standard when it comes to presidential parodies, and later, anthony weiner's cyber mistress joins me in studio to talk about her unusual
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with or without calories. for carefree enjoyment. for those who have a lot to say and those who have nothing to add. for those who want to choose and choose. for every generation. for us. for everyone. forever. controversy einterrupted this weekend after a rodeo clown wore a mask of president obama, attached an upside down broomstick to his rear end and asked the crowd if he wanted to see obama get run over or run down by a bull.
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>> president obama. >> i know i'm a clown, he's just running around acting like he is one, doesn't know he is one. >> as soon as this bull comes out, don't you move, he's going to get -- >> oh, yeah, i'm ready. he's going to get you. he's going to get you. >> so the missouri state fair gets about a half million taxpayer dollars, after people said they were offended the clown was suspended calling it an unconscionable stunt.
9:16 pm
steve webb who was the chairman of the missouri legislative black caucus. welcome both of you. why are you so offended by this? >> well, sean, first, let me thank you for having me here. >> you're very welcome. and i am not -- i'm no longer the chairman of the missouri legislative black caucus. i am the chairman of the democratic caucus. >> i apologize. >> i am -- i believe that we kind of centered this around the rodeo clown. in my opinion, the rodeo clown is only a scapegoat here. i may not even agree with banning this guy for life for doing any -- from doing any more rodeos. but i'm offended because here in missouri, we are engaging in a directive culture that says it's okay to do these types of things. >> explain in more detail what offends you. >> it offends me that anyone
9:17 pm
would make a mochrie in that way of the president of the united states. >> really? >> and i am under the opinion that it's more. it was a racial content. >> how was it racial? >> i mean -- >> how is it racial? >> sean, you didn't -- i heard you say a few things. but you didn't say what someone walked up to the clown and played with his lips. i mean, it's offensive, whether it's barack obama or george bush. it's offensive. >> you mentioned this, i'm going to go back, and i can show you, and i'll show our audience here images, for example, like google, if you've googled bush mask, 7 million hits show up. i have a picture here of somebody in a george bush mask that literally says, kick my ass. that's on this picture. let me put up, we have pictures of nixon, in a nixon mask.
9:18 pm
we have 43, bush 41, we have a clinton mask, a reagan mask, seems like every president before him has had a mask that wasn't exactly flattering. >> sean, i'm pretty certain there are masks of you, it's not about the mask, it's about -- you can wear an obama mask for halloween, a hillary clinton mask. it's about the racial content behind the stunt. it's not about the clown and it's not about -- it's the racial content or context behind the stunt. >> well, i would tell you that i don't agree with the let's run down president obama with the bull comment. i think that was beyond the appropriateness for the event. look, we have had presidential masks out there, we've had parodies, we've had it in that state before. one of the things i find is hypocrisy is, i remember when condoleezza rice had the
9:19 pm
birthing tubes cartoon drawn about her, there was no outcry, when michael steele had the black face done of him, there was no outcry. just this last election cycle i had a gold tooth painted on to my face and i was wearing boxing gloves, there was an outcry. furthermore, when you have senator harry reid who referred to the president as being light skinned and also speaking without a negro dialect. you had then senator joe biden saying that president obama was -- senator obama was clean and articulate, i think that, you know, some people need to check themselves and stop cherry picking what they believe is racially offensive. >> let me ask you, you just heard those comments, did you publicly condemn them, the things that colonel west just mentioned? >> lit me say this, i'm a representative in the state of missouri. i condemn what happened with missouri -- >> i'm not asking -- is there any one of those -- you did not
9:20 pm
answer my question. any one of those instances, where i think you could argue they were racial? did you speak out on any one of them? >> again, those instances are wrong. i'll say it now. >> did you speak up at the time? >> i will continue to say that these things didn't happen in this state. i'm talking about an incident that happened in this state. >> i'm not going to ask you again. joe biden, the vice president and he made those comments, harry reid is the senate majority leader, did you speak out at the time when those were national issues? >> i had a problem with some of those things. >> did you speak out. >> whether or not you caught it nationally, you probably didn't. >> but you spoke out publicly here, which is one of the reasons why we invited you on the show. >> sean, wrong is wrong. whether it's obama or george bush. wrong is wrong. >> you know, look, colonel west, i -- we've actually covered on
9:21 pm
this program, colonel west, the treatment of black conservativ conservatives, you're right about the ad that you and i spoke out about it at the time, a few others of us did, but i wonder in this case, if we're talking about a stupid clown and a mask that people are making fun of, we've done this with every president as i've just shown here. do you see any racial connotation here? >> like i said, i don't agree with the statement the announcer made about let's run president obama over with the bull. this is something that's been done with all presidents. we know that h.w. bush, there was a clown of him in the missouri fair. there have been masks of president obama in shows like trueblood. let's start talking about some of the real issues, some of the things we see with obama care. and, of course, the most important thing i see in the
9:22 pm
black community, is the lack of good quality education, we should have school choice as well as unemployment. >> thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. coming up next tonight on hannity. >> never been no bad person. he's mixing with bad feet. that's it. >> is he sorry? >> he's sorry. >> the father of one of the teens accused of brutally beating a 13-year-old on the florida school bus says his son is sorry. but the controversy surrounding this vicious assault is still growing. we'll tell you why after the break. still ahead tonight, anthony weiner's cyber mistress will join us about herrion line relationship with the disgraced relationship with the disgraced politician, and why apparently i'm beth...
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the three 15-year-old boys who viciously attacked an unidentified 13-year-old victim on a florida school bus last month, appeared before a judge for their preliminary hearing today. prosecutors are seeking nine months of court supervision for the suspects as well as no contact with the victim and drug testing. theyen watt to play the surveillance video of the attack before any sentencing takes place.
9:27 pm
>> all i can say, he had his consequences already. this is his life. we have to convict him. it's just the way it is. my son ain't never been no bad person. he just got mixed in with bad people, bad group, that's it. >> is he sorry? >> he's sorry. >> is he in trouble? >> he's in trouble, this is the last built of it right now. >> all three were charged with aggravated battery. one was charged with unarmed robbery for stealing the victim's money. >> here with reaction are talk show host basal smith. >> it was a vicious beating, i was amazed when i saw it. i am shocked that -- i would hope that the parents really take these kids to task.
9:28 pm
and, you know, it sort of sends a larger message. one of the things i've been concerned about for quite some time, is that a lot of these young people, particularly with social media internet, a lot of these websites that are popping up, theyen watt their fame, they want their 15 minutesif you can call it that. >> so violent. >> use these opportunities to promote themselves. >> this is like -- i mean, this is a no mercy just beat down of this kid by three. after they're done punching him, the kicking begins, these are 15-year-old kids, pretty strong kids, what's your reaction? >> well, it's brutal, it seems to be that these guys are -- i can still hear it in the monitor. these guys are sort of did the missing the route cause of this, which is the destruction of the family this idea of racially provoked violence, because this kid was doing nothing.
9:29 pm
if this situation were reversed it would be front and center all over the place. >> we spent a lot of time in this country discussing -- a lot of people wanted to make the trayvon case racial. even the family said it wasn't racial. if this was reversed, you know and i know, there would be a different response. >> there would be, and i would also say that i want there to be bigger responses when we have the killings that we do in chicago, for example. i think a lot of that stuff gets swept under the rug. >> why? >> part of the problem there are a lot of folks that are not addressing the root cause of the problem. i don't think it's just the breakdown of the family, that gets used a lot. there's a lot more to it quite frankly. this was an extraordinarily. >> there is a lot more to it
9:30 pm
than that. we have a president that's stoking this kind of racial violence and racial insensitivity, to the point where in florida, for example, they have tiers of education systems for blacks. blacks only have to pass tests at 74%, asians at 90%. we have a president who says, if black kids commit violence, let's change the sentencing laws. we have places in schools in chicago and other big cities where they say, hey listen, we have too many black kids getting in trouble per capita, we need to start finding reasons for other kids to get in trouble. >> we have a president that calls sandra flock. has he said anything about the mayor of san diego? no. we have a president that gets involved in trayvon, this is widely publicized. has he spoken out here? >> he hasn't spoken out here, and i wish he would, quite frankly. >> or the san diego mayor? >> i do think what's happening in san diego, democrats need to speak up more on that. >> where's obama on that?
9:31 pm
>> i want him to speak up more on that. i would also say, i don't think he's stoking the flames of racism, he's not doing that. >> i didn't say that. >> no, your guest said that. i don't think that that's believable or appropriate. >> it's just patently untrue. we've had racism in this country. we have discrimination in this country. a lot of the problems that communities of color are facing are not -- did not happen just because of obama. >> but let me go to kevin. why does he call sandra and not speak out about bob. 14 women now have accused him. why does he speak out about trayvon and not call the family of this 13-year-old boy that got this beat something. >> sean, we just posted a blog on my website, where barack obama is in martha's vineyard right now, hanging out with self-separating blacks. blacks who live on martha's v vineyard who will not associate with whites. he's not stoking this type of
9:32 pm
activity. the reason why he doesn't speak out about something like this is for exactly what i said, he does not care that -- as opposed to being a president who could start healing the racial divide in this country. he's decided he's going to let that divide exist. he should be right now, front and center of this particular issue saying, these teenaged kids should not be doing that. >> i can't have a problem with george bush spending most of his days in texas in the western white house than in the white house in washington, d.? the president took a couple days on vacation. i'm confident that he as well as the majority of his office, whoever is in d.c. right now at the white house is doing work on our behalf. >> no, what you're -- >> i'm not saying that george w. bush who had most of the staff. >> what you can't -- what you are not confident about is exactly what i just told you, obama is hanging out with black separatists at martha's vineyard on his vacation. >> black separatists?
9:33 pm
>> i don't know what that is. >> a person who decides that they don't want to be involved with white people on the island. the person who was in charge of npr who has no need for white people. >> what? >> this is the problem we have in this country if we want to keep making these distinctions. >> i have no no idea what that means. >> explain what you mean about that. i have no idea what you mean about martha's vineyard. >> there's a group of people that barack obama's hanging out with on martha's vineyard who are at -- they have said to themselves, we don't want to hang out with white folks. we are black people on this ian lad and we want to -- he's attending all of these issues. all these events with these blacks. >> i have no idea what that means. >> we're going to have to leave it there, guys. coming up next, the controversial bill in california signed into law, allows transgender students to choose which bathroom theyen watt to use. is that appropriate? we'll debate that next.
9:34 pm
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welcome back to hannity. california liberal governor signed a bill into law allowing transgender students to choose which restrooms and locker rooms they want to use. the new measure allows the 6.2 million elementary students to participate in sex segregated programs, activities based on their self-perception rather than their birth gender. while california's the first state to pass such a law not
9:39 pm
everyone is on board. what about the other students and their privacy. here with us dana lash, lesley marshall. >> what do we do with the 7-year-old girl who goes into the locker room and there's a 14-year-old boy naked in the locker room because that's where he chooses to be. >> first of all, i don't remember 7 and 14-year-olds being together. but i don't disagree with you on that. >> okay, well, the 10-year-old girl. >> yes, i get it. >> the 10-year-old girl and the 12-year-old boy. >> like i said, i don't envy the governor's having to be in this position to make this decision. and the reason is, although there have been adopted policies in four states, massachusetts, et cetera, in california. this legislation was signed into law by the governor to help reduce the bullying by these transgender children. i'm not sure -- >> well, forget about --
9:40 pm
>> i'm not sure what they've done here -- >> .00001%. >> i don't know what kind of crazy world we live in when we decide that the best way to stop bullying is to pass a law where we introduce opposite members of the opposite sex into opposite locker rooms. you're going to force acceptance? this comes back to things that are taught in the home. i talked to a school psychologist today who has been in this industry for 30 years. you're allowing the government to set boundaries for children. instead of children and their parents establishing and respecting their own boundaries. i know if i was still a little girl and i'm using the girl's restroom and there's a boy that walks in that restroom -- when you're young girls, you're like, there's a boy in the restroom. >> this goes from k to 12. i wanted to be a flower.
9:41 pm
so i don't know how well these kids know about sexual identity and transgender and all of that. >> i didn't know anything about this. i still don't for the most part. >> no. >> so a 16-year-old boy has a self-perception he's a girl and he's going to play on the girls varsity tennis team? >> well, he certainly can try. i played on the boy's soccer team, although anna tommicly, i am a girl. when you have a transgender child, and you have a 16-year-old boy perceiving and living and dressing as a girl, think about the amount of verbal, emotional and physical abuse he has and will continue to endure when he's on the boys teams or ostracized from the -- >> so the 99.9% must go -- >> it's not going to be better being on a girl's team.
9:42 pm
>> i don't disagree with you. that's where we agree. i'm not sure this legislation will reduce the bullying, it will reduce one part of the bullying. >> it seems bass ackwards to be frank. let's have a boy go on a girl's team, because that's going to get him less bullied. >> what will? >> listen so what she's saying? >> what will get individuals? when they can look to adults and adults don't bully each other. we bully each other in politics, in television. kids have no role models except for the parents who are doing good things. other than that, i feel horrible for children today i look around at their choice of role models, frankly, it's slim pickens. it starts with us. >> leslie? >> dana, what we're doing right here is a very healthy debate. i think the two of us are
9:43 pm
excellent role models for young women and young girls. >> that's not what i'm saying. >> that's not bullying in politics. it's different as a child. i was born a girl, i am a girl. i am a woman, i'm happy to be so. i don't understand this mind-set. but i do understand the struggle and speaking to the transgender children and talking to the adults who struggled as children. bullying is a huge problem and it can have fatal results in our country. >> here's something else to consider as well. how are you going to feel if a girl's kicked off a sports team by someone who's a boy, they're stronger, different muscle bass, bone density. these are things we have to consider as well. >> we have to go. ♪
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9:47 pm
welcome back to hannity, disgraced congressman turned new york city mayoral candidate found himself in hot water again last month.
9:48 pm
my next guest is one of the women who received nose messages. joining me now to discuss herrion line relationship with anthony weiner, cindy leathers. >> it's nice to see you. i feel like we're old pals. >> people said i was going to be mean to you. and you thought i was going to be mean, why did you think that? >> i thought you might attack me because we obviously have some political differences on the other hand it's not surprising you're nice to me because i'm taking down a democratic. if i were going after a republican i think it would be different. >> actually, i want good honest people in government that aren't phonies. >> so you don't like senator david witter. you don't have a problem with him and his prostitutes? >> i do, and i think it's a fair point you make. but i really want. i think there's a better group of people that we can elect and
9:49 pm
we don't elect them. >> it's true. >> let me -- let's start with weiner. how did all this happen. how did this begin? >> in 2011, i messaged him on facebook chastising him for his behavior with the first scandal. he did not respond for nine months. when he did, he poked me on facebook. >> what is poking? >> a way to get someone's attention, a flirty type of thing. >> you chastised him? >> i did. he also knew i was a fan of his. it was a double edged sword there. >> then what laps from there? >> he said he was sorry he let me down. he poked me, said he was sorry he let me down. added me as a friend. complimented me on my appearance on my political views. my writing, anything you can think of. >> how quickly did that evolve
9:50 pm
into what we know what it evolved into? >> within days. >> what are you thinking. you were 23 years old? >> i was 22 at the time. >> what are you thinking when he starts the flirty stuff? >> i was shocked, but i was flattered. like i said, i have this man on a pedestal, >> you're not -- you're 22 at r the time, you're an adult, a young adult.da and you -- you went along with this? >> i did. >> why? >> i think the thrill of the ong situation was part of it, i was intrigued. i wanted to know why he was talking to me. i just was interested. >> and you know he's married? >> i did know he's married, yes. >> he's 40, 50 years old?ed >> yeah, he's 48 now. >> did you find -- you would have phone sex with him., how often would he call you? >> he most he ever called me is five times in a day. >> for phone sex? >> yeah. >> 48 years old, married. what are you thinking? >> obviously, he's not getting 8 the attention he needs at home. >> did he ever talk about that? >> not really, it just was very obvious.
9:51 pm
>> did you find it creepy, like he's a creepy old man.u >> he actually described himself to me as an argumentative, perpetual horny middle aged man. and that was true. >> what did you learn from this whole experience? >> i deleted my facebook, that'e a start.this obviously, don't meet your heroes, that's a big thing. you realize how human they are, they have flaws, they're definitely not who you think a they are. >> how bad do you feel. first of all, he was winning atk the time this came out. and now he's down to about 10%, are you happy about that?rst >> i because he was only winning because he was lying. that's the problem there. >> you talk about his relationship with his wife? >> very little. he talked about his cats more than his wife or child. a >> i'm afraid to ask this question. i'm going to ask it anyway. wif he disliked me the most out of -- >> >> i'm proud of that on the other side. >> he said you were the worst.
9:52 pm
>> and you at the time, you tol> me, you agreed with him. >> i didn't say you were the worst. i was expecting him to say a out colleague in the house, i was thinking of michele bachmann ort some nut that i don't like, buto he said you. so, yeah. >> you're now -- you're going t a gentleman's club in new york tonight? >> right, but let's be clear, u i'm hosting, i'm not stripping or doing anything like that. >> and then you did these pictures?nd t >> i did. >> this guy wants you to do pornographic movies.ou why would you do that with your life. why is that door even open for you? >> i think because i'm open with my sexuality.d i don't think there's a probleme with women being open about their sexuality. it turns in to shaming as as soon as a woman is open with her sexuality but men are open all the time. >> ask me if i would prefer my son or daughter be a professional doctor or lawyer or do that. >> i'm not your son or daughtere
9:53 pm
>> no, you're not. that's true. >> have you talked to your parents, are they okay with that?hat. >> my dad is great, he loves me unconditionally. i would assume you love your condition children unconditionally. >> i disagree with some of their decisions. is he okay with this. >> i am an adult and will stand by me no matter what. i'm luckyin >> do you feel bad about his wife, what she's gone through?at >> that is the part that gets me the most. i feel badly for her. but on the other hand, she obviously enables him and stands by this behavior repeatedly, so it's hard. you know, you feel bad, but then again, she sticks by him, so -- >> so in that sense, she knows what's going on. >> it's confusing in that way. >> do you think he's capable oft changing or is it impossible?wht >> don't you think he would have changed when he got help the first time? >> good point.e stay right there, i want to play a couple things mr. weiner said. we will have more after the break as "hannity" continues. s . would call this paradise.
9:54 pm
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>> you said in the break, what would you think of if you do this pornography movie at 50 and you said? >> i said, i might not live that long. you said you don't want to live that long. >> i did say that. >> true? >> i did say that. i wasn't denying it. >> you don't want to live to 50? >> i don't know. i don't know. really? >> 40? >> maybe. we'll see. it depends. we'll do some botox. >> don't go near that stuff either. >> anthony weiner was asked about his wife on the campaign. >> your wife, is she working on the campaign? >> she's helping out every day. >> do you know what her role in hillary's 2016 campaign will be? >> i do. >> what will it be? >> i'm not telling you. >> did he talk about hillary at all? >> no, he didn't.
9:59 pm
that doesn't surprise me. i think a lot of the time we were speaking, huma was probably with hillary. >> there was a moment when he drops the f bomb when talking about new york city bike lanes. i want to get your reaction about this. >> i made a joke to mike bloomberg, it was in the height of the controversy about the bike lanes. i said the first thing i was going to do is hold a press conference tearing out your [ bleep ] bike lanes. and it was a joke. >> is there this side of these politicians, in this case, weiner, everyone would be shocked to know? >> yeah, and oddly enough, i kind of enjoy that side of him. >> all right. have fun at the gentleman's club tonight. >> i will. you have fun on fox news. >> i will, thank you for coming. >> that is all the time we have left this evening, let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta van susteren standing by
10:00 pm
live to go on the record see you back here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. tonight lois lerner, is she pulling a fast one again? >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations, and i have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee. while i would very much like to answer the committee's questions today, i've been advised by my council to assert my constitutional right not to testify or answer questions related to the subject matter of this hearing. after very careful consideration i've decided to follow my council's advice and not testify or answer any of the questions today. because i'm asserting my right not to testify, i know that some people will assume that i've done something wrong.


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